August 05
HPOG Annoncements - August 5th 2014

Grant Forecast Announcement:  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Family Assistance (OFA) anticipates competitively awarding cooperative agreements to support demonstration projects that are designed to provide eligible individuals with the opportunity to obtain education and training for occupations in the health care field that pay well and are expected to either experience labor shortages or be in high demand.  Please see Stan Koutstaal's post on HPOG Connect or the HHS Grants Forecast site for more information regarding the two forecasts (HPOG Forecast 1 and HPOG Forecast 2). 

Project Directors, PLEASE NOTE:  Michelle Sousa, our Grants Management Specialist in the Office of Grants Management (OGM), has accepted another position and will no longer be acting as the OGM contact.  If you have immediate questions or concerns that need to be addressed with OGM, please contact Tim Chappelle in the interim.  His e-mail is or phone at (202) 401-4855.  Once there is a permanent replacement, we will let you know.


Upcoming Events

Employer Engagement Webinar - The Successful Strategies for Employer Engagement Webinar is August 13th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern.  This Webinar will provide HPOG managers and staff the opportunity to engage directly with healthcare employers and learn the skills that employers are looking for in employees, as well as the training HPOG programs can provide to participants to meet the needs of employers.  There will be additional conversations highlighting recent trends in job development practices. Maxim Healthcare Services; Susque-View Home: Nursing and Rehabilitation Center; and CLIMB Wyoming will discuss how education and training programs can make their students stand out; build sustainable relationships with employers; and work with employers to best prepare students with vital skills to be valuable employees. 

Register for the Webinar online or email with any questions.  


Sustainability Virtual Roundtable - Building from discussions and action plans developed at the March Sustainability Roundtable held in Kansas City with Program Directors, a follow-up Sustainability Virtual Roundtable, focused on using data and stories to effectively build capacity around program outreach and engaging partners, will be held on September 10th.  In order to accommodate programs in different time zones, we will be scheduling a morning and an afternoon session on September 10th.  We will also be using our webcams!  Project Directors and key sustainability planning staff should plan to attend. The first session will be from 10:00 a.m. to noon Eastern for sites located in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.  The second session will be held from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern for Alaska, Arizona, California, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Registration information will be included in the next listserv. 

Instructor Engagement Virtual Roundtable
- An Instructor Engagement Virtual Roundtable will be held on October 8th to follow-up on the great work accomplished by Instructors in Chicago back in April.  We will again be using our webcams!  Project Directors, Instructors who attended the Instructor Roundtable in Chicago, and other interested instructors and case managers should plan to attend.  More details to come soon, including content, format, and registration information.

HPOG Annual Meeting - Save the Date!  The HPOG Annual meeting will be held on December 2nd  - 3rd at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, D.C.  More information will be sent soon regarding required attendees, draft agendas, and registration.



HPOG Featured Resources and Announcements

On-Going Sustainability Discussions- Following the roundtable in Kansas City and continuing our focus on the Plan-Do-Study-Act approach to sustainability action planning, we turn to the "DO" part of the cycle.  Take a moment to review a few key steps in the "DO" phase.


Featured Discussion

HPOG Connect serves as a Question and Answer forum to facilitate the process of information sharing within and among your grantee peers! We encourage you to use this space to ask questions, share your personal experiences, and to connect with one another for peer-to-peer exchange.

Discussion from the field: In case you missed it, Delores Graves, from the HPOG Milwaukee CareerWorks Healthcare Training Institute, shared the 2nd edition of their Healthcare Employer Newsletter. This newsletter includes an on-line survey for employers to complete and provide vital information that they are using to develop effective programs and activities. Delores says, "feel free to review and use any of the questions in a survey in your areas that may also help you to obtain useful information."

View the HPOG Employer Newsletter July 2014.pdf and join the conversation.  Delores also provides additional tips for creating, formatting and producing these newsletters.

Peer-to-Peer Connections

Access HPOG Connect FAQs - Are you looking for answers to frequently asked questions for both HPOG programmatic and HPOG Connect questions?  Access the FAQs on HPOG Connect.  You can find answers to such questions as budget modifications, carryover requests, and managing HPOG Connect email notifications.   


Connect with HPOG on Social Media - Make sure to follow HPOG on Facebook and Twitter and share the HPOG message of Hope, Dedication, and Impact with all your friends!

December 02
HPOG Announcements - December 2nd 2013

Register and Vote Today on the Topics for the Virtual Birds of a Feather Session!

On Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 3:00 pm EST, PRI will be hosting a virtual “Birds of a Feather” session.  We request that you register for this event by clicking here.


To vote on topics you would like to discuss, visit the Birds of a Feather Sphere (note: you will be prompted to log in with your HPOG Community Website user name and password). The goal of the virtual Birds of a Feather event is to offer a platform for grantee-driven conversations. The top three topics from the poll will be presented during the event, where you will again vote on which topic to start with. Throughout the event, you will vote to keep the conversation going or switch to another topic. Three grantees will be selected at a time to converse as others listen in. At all times, any grantee can choose to join the conversation as another speaker steps down. The entire time, there will be live reporting on the Sphere where everyone can post questions, comments, and ideas before, during, and after the event.


To maximize your participation, please test your audio/webcam capacity and check your system requirements for WebEx by clicking here.


To register for an HPOG social media account, reset your password, or if you have any questions, contact

Deployment of the Revamped HPOG Community Website

As you know, we have been working to enhance the design and functionality of the current HPOG Community Website and Social Media Site so that it better fits your needs. The new website will have a completely different look, and it will also change the way in which you access public and grantee-specific information. For example, the HPOG Community pages (the non-password protected part of the webpage) will be reformatted to share the story of HPOG with a wider audience. These efforts are part of a larger strategy that will communicate the messages of hope, dedication, and impact that your programs embody nation-wide. It will also showcase your promising practices and success stories.


All grantee-specific information, like announcements and resources, will be housed in HPOG Connect (formerly known as the Social Media Site).  This will continue to be your place to collaborate with other HPOG grantees and partners.


We are pleased to announce that the new site is expected to launch on December 9, 2013! Upon its deployment, we will release an official announcement that you are invited to forward to your students, graduates, partners, and professional networks.


For a sneak peek of the new site, including tips and new features, please see this HPOG Community Website Demo for more information! If you prefer to receive the demo as a PDF document via email, please contact us at​.



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November 26
HPOG Announcements - November 26th 2013

HPOG Community Website Maintenance
Please note the HPOG Community Website will be down for maintenance as of 5:00 pm EST on Wednesday, November 27th through the evening of Sunday, December 1st. If you have information to retrieve or add to HPOG Social Media or the Grantee Folders, please make sure to access the site prior to close of business on Wednesday.
In addition to performing routine maintenance, the server will be configured for the upcoming website redesign. For those who attended the 2013 Annual Grantee Meeting, you may remember the sneak peek of the new HPOG Community Website. We are pleased to announce that the revamped site is expected to launch in early December. Stay tuned for more information!
Save the Date! Virtual Birds of a Feather Session
On Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 3:00 pm EST, PRI will be hosting a virtual “Birds of a Feather” session. 
The goal of the virtual Birds of a Feather session is to offer a platform for grantee-driven conversations on topics that you feel are most pertinent. Two week prior, a poll will open in HPOG Connect asking you to vote on topics you would like to discuss.
More information to come! To maximize your participation, please test your webcam capacity, follow the Birds of a Feather Sphere, and make sure you have access to HPOG Connect. If you have any questions, contact PRI at
Technical Assistance Coaching Calls Begin!
Kickoff calls with your Technical Assistance (TA) Coaches will begin in the coming weeks. During these calls, you and your coach will have the opportunity to discuss the successes, challenges, and technical assistance priorities of your HPOG program. Your individual TA Coach will be contacting you directly to schedule these calls. 
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October 30
HPOG Announcements - October 30th 2013

HPOG Announcements
ICF International to Provide Technical Assistance
and Training to HPOG Grantees
ICF International, a leading provider of consulting services for social programs, has been announced as the new training and technical assistance provider to the Office of Family Assistance’s Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) grantees.  A trusted resource for ACF and its partners for more than two decades, ICF will design, deliver, and track targeted, responsive technical assistance that advances the capacity of HPOG grantees to deliver training services that meet labor market needs.
ICF International shares a passionate commitment to ACF’s mission and objectives and a dedication to improving outcomes for families and communities through self-sufficiency and workforce development programs.  ICF International offers expertise in workforce development, low-income and TANF populations, employment sector analysis—particularly healthcare—and career pathways for low-income workers.  ICF has deep experience in designing and supporting local collaborations between social service government agencies, workforce agencies/One-Stop centers, community colleges, Tribal entities, and community and faith-based organizations.  ICF International’s technical assistance offerings will be informed by research and by their extensive field presence and knowledge through a wealth of experience in health, education, welfare, economic development, and Tribal-State relations. 
The ICF HPOG TA Team, led by Dr. Yvette Lamb (HPOG TA Project Director), will be in attendance at the upcoming HPOG Grantee Annual Meeting in Bethesda, MD, November 5-6.  The meeting will be an opportunity for the new coaches and grantees to meet face-to-face and begin the next iteration of technical assistance to guide the continued successful implementation of the HPOG project.  Scheduling of individual coaches calls will begin shortly after the Annual Meeting. We anticipate that each grantee will be contacted and connected with during the months of November and December.  We look forward to not only meeting each grantee but engaging with each of you, face-to-face at the grantee meeting, through bi-monthly calls, through social media engagement and when appropriate, on-site.  You can connect with Yvette Lamb at, if you have questions or just want to say hello.


October 30
2013 Annual Grantee Meeting Logistics

Dear Annual Meeting Attendees,
We are looking forward to our upcoming event, and have planned an informative and interactive two days together.
5701 Marinelli Road, North Bethesda, MD 20852
The agenda has been posted to the Annual Meeting Information Page. Please note that registration opens at 7:30am on Tuesday, November 5th in the Grand Ballroom Foyer. Signs will be posted throughout the venue to help you find our meeting location.
Beginning on November 1st 2013, speaker presentations will be posted to the Annual Meeting Information page as they become available. Make sure to check back regularly for the most recent additions, where you will be able to view/download/print the PowerPoint materials.
Please note that very few materials will be printed. For those wishing to have hard copies of the presentations, please print them ahead of time and bring with you.
Lunch Options
Tables with designated discussion topics will be set up in the plenary ballroom during lunch to allow for optional networking opportunities during lunch each day. Individuals who choose to participate will have time to go to the hotel restaurant to order lunch or purchase to-go items from Starbucks. Attendees who are guests of the hotel will also have the option to pre-order room service that morning for delivery to the plenary ballroom. Menus for all options at the Registration/Information table. There will also be information on nearby lunch options for those individuals who elect not to participate in the networking session.
Dinner Options
A list of nearby dinner options has also been posted to the Annual Meeting Information page
For those who would like to start making arrangements and invite others to join you for dinner networking please utilize the HPOG Annual Meeting Sphere to connect with the other meeting participants.
We will also have this list available onsite at the registration desk, and will be on hand to assist with group reservations throughout the event.
We look forward to seeing you in Bethesda! If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the HPOG Help Desk at: or 814-240-2469.
Disclaimer This ListServ is a tool to facilitate communication within a targeted audience.
The content of this email does not necessarily reflect the policies or endorsement of the Federal Government. 
October 28
A Message from Stan Koutstaal to all Grantees - October 28th 2013

Dear Grantees,
Since the conclusion of the third year of the project, some of you have been inquiring about carryover requests to year four.  I have attached some guidance and want to draw particular attention to some of the initial considerations regarding carryover requests, what to include if you submit a request, and when to submit a request.
You may submit a carryover request but the approval of any request is only given at the discretion of ACF.  Any request would be reviewed very closely and give consideration to questions such as:
·         Is the requested carry over clearly and directly tied to unmet goals and objectives?
·         Can the unmet goals of the previous period be accomplished with current funding?
·         Is the difficulty of expending all grant funding within the budget period a pattern?
·         Does the grantee demonstrate the capacity to spend carry over funds in addition to current funds?
·         Can the unmet goals and objectives realistically be met even with a carryover or will other barriers, such as the timing of the academic year and the awarding of funds, prevent the goals and objectives from being met?
Grantees should not submit carryover requests simply because they have unobligated funds.
Grantee must ensure that the COB amount is still in their PMS account. If unsure, they should contact their OGM Specialist.  Grantee must ensure that they are current in their financial and program reporting




What to Include
The attached document provides a complete checklist of what to include in a carryover request.  When submitting a carryover request this year, you must also include an updated Year 4 workplan.  Since carryovers are granted to accomplish previously approved but unmet objectives, any projections for year 4 will have to be increased to account for those not met in year 3.








Please submit your carryover requests no later than January 31, 2014. 
You may submit a carryover request prior to that date.  By the end of December you will have submitted your SF 425 and know the amount of unobligated funds.  Submitting your requests by January 31, 2014 will also allow timely processing of your request so that you have sufficient remaining time to spend any approved funds before the end of the year 4 budget period.
Please contact your Program Specialist or Grants Specialist if you have any questions.


Stan Koutstaal, Ph.D.
Program Manager
Health Profession Opportunity Grants
Administration for Children and Families
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
370 L'Enfant Promenade, SW
Washington, DC  20447
ph: 202-401-5457


October 25
Client Success Story Winner!

The Votes are In - Congratulations to our Client Success Story Winner, Jenna Summerhill! 
OFA sends out its heartfelt congratulations to Jenna Summerhill from  the Workforce Investment Board SDA-83, Inc. in Monroe Louisiana for being voted as the most inspirational client success story. Thank you to all of our success story finalists and nominees. Your stories were truly inspirational, and a testament to the hard work and exceptional perseverance of our clients. We look forward to hearing Jenna speak at the upcoming HPOG 2013 Annual Meeting!  Read Jenna's story by clicking here.
OFA would also would like to acknowledge that this year's voting resulted in a tie. Sam Darko from Schenectady County Community College shares the title of 2013 Success Story winner. Unfortunately, Sam will not be able to join us for this years Annual Meeting but we wish Sam much success in the future. Read Sam Darko's story here.
Thank you again to everyone!



October 14
Vote for Your Favorite Client Success Story


Vote for Your Favorite Client Success Story
Deadline: 9:00am EDT Thursday October 17
Thank you all for your client success story submissions! It was a difficult choice, but we have selected five client success stories as finalists. We are asking you to review these five success stories and vote on which one you find to be the most inspiring. 
Everyone has the opportunity to vote once. Your vote counts! The person with the most votes will be flown to the meeting (at the expense of OFA) to share their story at the HPOG 2013 Annual Meeting. We will also be sharing highlights from all submissions during the meeting, so if your submission wasn't selected as a finalist, you will still be able to share your client's story with your HPOG colleagues.
Sam Darko                 Written -  Success Story - Sam Darko
Marvin Gebhert          Video   -  Success Story - Marvin Gebhert
Chazelle Evans          Video   -  Success Story - Chazelle Evans
Sarita Jordan             Written -  Success Story - Sarita Jordan
Jenna Summerhill     Written - Success Story - Jenna Summerhill
VOTE NOW for Your Favorite Client Success Story
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Provider-Resources, Inc.




October 03
HPOG Announcements - October 3rd 2013

HPOG Annual Grantee Meeting Registration
To ensure your placement in this year’s meeting, please complete the items below by:
COB Friday, October 4, 2013.
ü  Register through the HPOG Community Website link. 
ü  Go to the HPOG Annual Grantee Meeting Sphere and tell us What you are looking forward to at the Annual Meeting….
ü  Make your Hotel and Travel arrangements. 
ü  Submit your program’s Success Story to      
ü  Submit your ideas for Lightening Talks to    
Hotel Information
2013 HPOG Annual Grantee Meeting
November 5-6, 2013
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
Hotel Reservations
Meeting Name: HPOG Annual Grantee Meeting
Call Toll Free: 1-877-212-5752 -or-
Reserve Online at:
Success Stories
Submit one client success story. The success story must have the approval of the grant's project director and must include a signed release of information form with the submission.
Video: Have the client tell their story, interview them, or whatever the client thinks is best.  Contact Kara at for video submission.
Photography:  Have client submit a collage of photos of their life, family, friends, work, etc.
Song: Ask client to submit a song that expresses their experience.
Written: Submit a client’s story, poem, letter, diary, or personal essay.
Be Creative. Be imaginative.
Lightning Talk Nominations
A lightning talk is a short presentation (1-5 minutes) that describes a promising practice or lesson learned. To nominate someone, provide the name of the nominee, which HPOG program they are from, and a description of the proposed topic. To learn more about lightning talks, visit this website.
Contact the HPOG Help Desk at for any assistance.

September 24
HPOG Announcements - September 24th 2013

HPOG Annual Meeting Registration Deadline
The Annual Meeting is a little more than a month away! If you are approved by your project director to attend the meeting, please visit the Annual Meeting registration page today. The deadline for registration and hotel reservations is October 4, 2013.

If you have any questions, you can post them at the HPOG Annual Meeting Sphere or contact the HPOG Help Desk at:
Reminder: Client Success Story Submissions
and Lightning Talk Nominations
What you do each and every day affects the lives of so many people and enables the dreams of many to become a reality. Help us showcase your inspiring clients and your creative strategies at the Annual Meeting by submitting a success story and a nomination for a lightning talk! Learn more about success story submissions and lightning talk nominations by visiting the Program Alert from Monday, September 16, 2013.

Submissions for both the Success Stories and Lightning Talks should be sent by close of business on October 4, 2013 to
Get Connected!
HPOG Social Media is a platform designed to encourage information sharing and communications between HPOG grantees, program staff, and OFA/contractors. Documents can be shared, questions can be answered, ideas can be sparked, and kudos can be given!

Below are highlights of recent activity in HPOG Social Media. Join the conversation!
Stacia Thompson (@sthompson) shared a brochure to assist students with preparing for job fairs.
Kimberly Dunisch (@kdunish) from Gateway Technical College shared a variety of resources on employer engagement and student recruitment.
Mansura Karim (@mkarim) from Temple University also shared a brochure on employer engagement. Case Manager Community or Job Developer Community to share what works in your program.
Valerie Andrew (@vandrew) asked the question: “what types of employment retention case management do you do?” Join the brochure on employer engagement.
Congratulations to Nora Faram (Edmonds Community College), who earned the August HPOG “Contributor Badge” for actively participating and sharing resources on the HPOG Social Media Site. Thanks for your contributions to building our community’s knowledge base, Nora!
You Can Earn a Contributor Badge by Sharing Your Program’s Successes Take a few minutes each week to showcase your program’s achievements, share an interesting resource, or highlight a special event.
If you need access to HPOG Social Media, sign-up here today!
Contact the HPOG Help Desk at any assistance.
Introducing Spheres
HPOG Social Media has a new feature: Spheres. Spheres are less formal than Communities, and are designed to be a short-term place to hold conversations centered on a topic or an event. Learn more about spheres and communities by visiting this helpful informational HPOG Social Media tip sheet
Visit the Annual Meeting Sphere for more information related to the event, including information on logistics, a place for meeting attendees to introduce themselves, and gathering ideas and feedback to help aid in the agenda development!
HPOG Website Improvement Plan
Thank you to all of the grantees who participated in the Website Redesign focus group and Website Assessment. Your feedback was hugely insightful and helpful. We are pleased to announce that Provider Resources, Inc. (PRI) has begun development on our new site and is currently assisting with devising a strategic communications plan to share the story of HPOG with others. Stay tuned for more information!

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JBS International, Inc.

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